how to get pregnant with twins

Many women often ask the question of how to get pregnant with twins.

If you are married and you want to start a family, what can be even more exciting than having twins?

Having a set of twin babies can be really fun and exciting indeed because raising twins has special uniqueness and it is such an amazing experience for parents.

However, having twins is not the easiest thing in the world.

Say for instance, you will have so small opportunity to have twins if there are no twins in your family or your husband’s family at all. So, sometimes it is the gene indeed.

Despite of that fact, it is not zero opportunity for you to get twins if you do not have twin history in both your husband’s family and yours.

Below are several information about getting pregnant with twins including the answers to the question how to get pregnant with twins.

  1. Consume Folid Acid

getting pregnant with twins

If you are serious about having twins, you need to consume folid acid.

Today, you can find folic acid supplement easily in any drugstores. That kind of supplement is very helpful in raising your opportunity to have twins.

There are many researches done to prove the usage of folid acid in increasing the possibility of getting twins.

There is one research about it that finds out that if you are trying to conceive and you are consuming folid acid, you have 40% bigger chance to have twins.

What is folid acid actually?

It is a B vitamin complex and also often called folate. This substance is usually found in leafy green vegetables, kidney, and also liver.

This substance is capable to manipulate DNA change and stuff.

So, when you are trying to conceive and you are consuming folid acid frequently, there will be better chance of you getting pregnant with twins because the folate is capable to do the DNA change.

  1. Be Slightly Overweight

The word overweight sounds really negative, doesn’t it?

Well, being overweight is really not good for your health but being slightly overweight may give you the bigger chance of getting twins.

There are some researches done to find out whether or not women with heavier weight have the bigger opportunity to conceive twins.

The result of the research comes out as it is indeed true that women with heavier weight have the bigger opportunity to conceive twins.

That is why if your weight is normal or slightly under, you may want to gain weight a little bit to increase the odd to have twins.

However, be careful not to make your body overweight and put yourself in danger.

  1. Be Taller

Beside of being slightly overweight that can raise the opportunity of getting pregnant with twins, being taller can do the same.

It is scientifically proved that women whose heights are taller have the bigger opportunity to conceive twins.

However, increasing height is really difficult because the bones and the height stop growing once we reached the age of 21 or so.

That is why it is quite impossible to increase your height in order to have twins. Still, you have the chance to increase your weight and enlarge your chance to have twins.

  1. Consume Diary Products Every Day

how to get pregnant with twins

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are good to be consumed because they are loaded by calcium and vitamin D which are important to maintain the overall health of yours especially the health of your teeth and bones.

Those diary products are also good to increase the opportunity to conceive twins.

Why so?

It is because those diary products can increase the amount of the production hormone in your body.

That is why when you are consuming diary products frequently, you will have five times bigger opportunity to get pregnant with twins.

  1. Consume Oyster and Sweet Potato

Consume Oyster and Sweet Potato

If you really want a set of twins, you need to eat lots of sweet potato.

Sweet potato has the capability to increase the chance of you of getting twins.

Researches prove that in many countries where sweet potatoes are consumed every day and frequently, the possibility of twin pregnancies is way bigger.

For your partner, you need to ask him to consume more oyster.

Oyster is improving the quality of the sperm because it is loaded by zinc.

The zinc will help the body of your partner to produce high quality sperm with better strength and stronger movement.

Sperm with quality as good as that can have bigger possibility to fertilize more than one egg.

  1. Conceive Straight after You Stop Consuming Pills

If you are now consuming pills right now and you decide to stop, try to conceive right after you stop consuming the pills.

It will increase your opportunity of you getting twins if you are trying to conceive right after the pills are stopped being consumed.

That is why if you are really want to stop the pills, try to conceive immediately because you will get bigger chance of getting pregnant with twins.

  1. Have Bigger Family

There is a research done to see whether or not women who come from bigger family can have the bigger chance of getting twins.

The result is quite shocking because the bigger the family you come from, the bigger opportunity of you to get pregnant with twins.

That is why if you are coming from big family, which means that your parents have a lot of children, you will have the bigger chance to get pregnant with twins.

If you come from small family, do not get dishearten because you still have the chance to get twins also. Sometimes, it is not all about the gene though.

Now you have read the seven ways to increase the opportunity of you getting twins. Those methods or tips above are pretty much answering the question of how to get pregnant with twins.